GOOGLE SCHOLARSHIP:Google Fair Global Online Scholarship For Engineering And Science Students…Apply Now..



The Google Science Fair is a global online science and engineering competition open to individuals and teams from ages 13 to 18. Submit a science or engineering project and win unbelievable prizes/award

Application Deadline: 12th December 2018

Eligible Countries: All

Eligible Field of Study: Science and engineering

About the Award: Throughout history many great scientists developed their curiosity for science at an early age and went on to make groundbreaking discoveries that changed the way we live. In partnership with the LEGO Group, National Geographic and Scientific American, Google is offering the annual Google Science Fair to find the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Google science fair is inviting students ages 13-18 to participate in the largest online science competition and submit their ideas to change the world,the applicant with the best innovation,ideas,exercise knowledge, required to improve trending technology,and problem solving will receive the award,we urge our applicants to put their best of brains to work.

Type: The contest invites students  ,with  age ranging from 13 to 18

Number of winners: The 16 global finalists, along with a parent or guardian, will travel to Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA to present their project to the judges and compete for the awards listed below.

Value of Price: The Grand Prize winner will receive $50,000 in scholarship funding.The $50,000 Google scholarship is intended to further the Grand Prize winner’s education. If a team wins the prize, the scholarship’s value will be divided equally among the teammates.

If your Science Fair submission is something you built to solve an engineering challenge, you’ll be eligible to win the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award or the LEGO® Education Builder Award.
If your project offers a new way to look at the world, asking questions and answering them with experimentation, you’ll be eligible to win the National Geographic Explorer Award or Scientific American Innovator Award.
And numerous other prizes
How to Enter: Start your project

Here are some helpful hints to give your idea the best chance of winning:

Everyone should carefully read the Science Fair official rules found on the website.
Safety is important. Do not use any dangerous chemicals, or ever harm any animals.
You must have a parent’s permission to enter.
Remember, you are not permitted to use any brands, logos or music, unless you yourself created it.
Visit Google Official  contest website to apply(simply Google the above title)

Application Deadline: the date is 12th December well to comply.We wish you success in life..


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