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  1. Will I loose my admission,if after being admitted,in the course of my registration,my Department discovers I have wrong subject combination?Answer: No ,your Department Will  tansfer you into another departments that your subject combination matches.All APPLICANTS WHO WISH TO WIN MTN SCHOLARSHIP,CAN CLICK HERE
  2. Is it compulsory that I must gain admission after purchasing the Supplementary form?
    Answer:This is a controversial Questions in that,it has two different answers.this answers have been analyzed critically:
    Applicants can get admitted through the Supplementary form ,if their aggregate is far above the course that the applied in the Supplementary and is less competitive,on the other hand,the might not get it,if their aggregate is less than the course chosen in the Supplementary form and highly competitive.on this note,we advice all applicants to go for lower courses.
  3. When will the application for the Supplementary form end?
    Answer:the sales of the Supplementary form is usually two weeks,this cuts across all Tertiary Institution.
  4. Must I use a sitting result in the admission process?
    Answer:No ,it’s not compulsory,most Tertiary Institution accept credit passes of two sitting.But it’s best you have a first hand result at a sitting.AS AN APPLICANT ,YOU MAY WISH TO KNOW ALL SECRETS TO MAKE FIRST CLASS, CLICK HERE
  5. What happens if I did not upload my O’level result?
    Answer:Any applicant that didn’t upload his or her result within the specified time,stands the chance of risking the admission,this implies that such applicants can loose his or her admission. So we advice all applicants to upload their result within specified time.
  6. What is the minimum number of students per accademic session,that can be admitted?
    Answer:the minimum number of students is five thousand.this is common in most Tertiary Institution.
  7. What is the maximum number of students per academic session that can admitted?
    Answer: this varies across various Tertiary Institution, depending on their capacity and structure in place to accommodate studsnts.the maximum range of students varies as 7000,8000,9000,10000 e.t c students as the case maybe.
  8. Can jamb give me  admission,if my jamb score very high?


9.What amount is acceptance fees?

Answer: the acceptance fees varies across various Tertiary Institution,but federal Tertiary Institution like futo charges #42500
10 .What amount is the school fees?
Answer: Various Institution such as state,federal and private schools have different amounts as thier school fees,but federal University like futo charges #53500. Over the years, federal government universities charges less,followed by state universities and private universities pays the highest.
11.Can I be denied admission,if Later discovered that my O’ level results were fake?

Answer:yes,at every point if discovered that, applicants O’ level results are fake,that marks the end of admission.we urge all applicants to do the needsful

12.I have been offered admission by jamb,but my school has not honoured it, should I accept the admission?
Answer: yes,accept the admission ,and be patient,it will be honoured by your school.
13.I applied for electrical and electronics engineering,but jamb offered me admission into fishery and acquaculture ,I mistakenly accepted the admission, does it mean,I have no hopes of studying electrical and electronics engineering?
Answer:  yes! you have to study it, because thats what your subject combination matches,or wait for next year to reapply.

14.I checked my jamb admission status,it says admission in progress, what should I do?

Answer:Be patient and keep checking,you will be admitted,better still report to your school ict for more guide

15.When will school resume?

Answer:All Tertiary Institution across have different academic calendar,though closely related,top schools like u.i(ibadan),unilag,unizek,unn,are faster than other top schools like futo ,which resumes second week of November.

16.Are some applicants favoured in the admission process?

Answer: all applicants are treated equally in the admission process,as all Tertiary Institution have defined parameters,upon which admissions are given, though incentive and little priority are given to applicants from catchment areas,and the university’s host community.

17.What do you mean by catchment area and host community?

Answer: All Tertiary Institution across have various catchment area ,for instance: federal University like FUTO has it’s major catchment areas in Imo state(more paticularly, eziobodo,umuchima,ihiagwa and it’s environs), the applicants from such lucky area are more favoured,this catchment favour is obtainable in all schools,also host community simply means,the community in which the Tertiary Institutions is situated .for instance futo is located in ihiagwa owerri, federal polytechnic Nekede is located at Nekede,Yabatech in Yaba,e.t.c.

18.Who gets the host community’s favour and catchment area favour?

Answer:All applicants from such designated areas..

19.Can I proceed to pay acceptance fees after I have been offered provisional admission?

Answer:yes,you can

20.What are the process in paying the acceptance fees?

Answer: log into your school portal and generate your acceptance invoice,and pay. Though the fees vary for different schools.

21.What amount is the school hostels accomodation?

Answer: Differents tertairy institution charges differents prizes but tertiary institution like FUTO charges #20500

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  1. In my jamb my date of birth is correct but in my post utme form the date and month of birth were correct except the year of birth
    Will it affect.

  2. When will we be expecting the supplementary list results. I beat the cut off mark for my department but did not see my name in the merit list what could be the cause


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